Laboratory of Machine Elements and Machine Design




Author: Chalkidis Ioannis
Title: Engineering a data management system for design data and pre-processing og finite element models, in a multiuser environment
Abstract: The scope of this dissertation is to inquire into the required parameters in order to engineer a data management system, for design data and pre-processing of finite element models, in a multiuser environment. The methodology analysis of these required parameters includes database management systems analysis, fundamental geometric entities definition and 3D modeling, that are supported by Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems and finally CAD and pre-processing data management as well as their structures. For the above reasons a new software system has been developed, that has the ability to define and represent geometric entities. This new software is connected to an object oriented database management system which is responsible for data storage and retrieval. Therefore, it is an integrated system, that involves mechanical design data management and their synchronization with the database, in order to satisfy the principles of a multiuser environment. The outcomes of this dissertation can be considered innovative, because we are able now to specify a user environment in which every user is able to monitor a group of data and simultaneously execute queries about the mechanical design data that are stored inside the database


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