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Author: Giannakidis Mihalis
Title: Architecture, functionalities and features of a general purpose finite elements pre-processing sytem, for the preparation of complete and reasable models for mechanical engineering analysis
Abstract: The preparation of a Finite Elements Model (FEM) is an integral part of the study and development phases for any mechanical construction. The complete, easy and accurate creation of the simulation digital model, is mandatory for a successful analysis and the deduction of usable results. It also reduces the total amount of money and time required for the development phase in total. This work introduces the use of a new and pioneering Pre-Processing System for the preparation of the analyses simulation models. This work begins by recognizing the individual parts that make up a full FE Model, and the interrelations among them. Then, the correspondence to the real world concepts of mechanical engineering is performed. With these as a base, a Pre-Processing application is designed, aiming in an easy to use and concise environment for the Analyst - Engineer. Also, features of the Pre-Processor allowing the generation of a digital model reusable in future analyses, are described. The Pre-Processing System being suggested looks upon improving the techniques of creating a FE model. It supersedes existing systems by offering extensive utilities and automation techniques for the handing of model data. Moreover, the Pre-Processing System organizes and manipulates the model's data in a manner consistent with their physical representation. As a result, the convenient and complete management of analysis data is achieved


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