Laboratory of Machine Elements and Machine Design




Author: Karaoglanidis Georgios
Title: Αρχικός σχεδιασμός οχημάτων με κριτήριο την ευστάθεια
Abstract: In order to define the handling properties of a vehicle at the very first design stages many assumptions and simplifications are necessary. The most typical approach is by using simplified numerical methods for predicting the vehicle handling characteristics such as the one track vehicle model. In most cases this model doesn’t allows for successful choice of the basic geometrical dimensions of the suspension or the steering mechanism. For this reason a new more complete procedure is needed in order to choose the basic geometrical dimensions and properties of a vehicle at the first design stage. For the examination of the above characteristics a new mathematical model was developed and the stability and the directional behavior of a vehicle negotiating a turn at constant forward speed were analyzed. The value of the presented model is that the influence of both suspension and steering mechanisms to the final vehicle handling properties can be predicted with high accuracy without the need of their geometrical description. Finally, with the vehicle Formula ART 7 as basis parametrical analysis were made in order to examine the influence of the geometrical dimensions to the stability, directional control and handling properties of the vehicles.


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