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Author: Zafeiropoulos Dimitrios
Title: Developing methodologies for morphing constructions analysis models and optimizing them after the morphing process
Abstract: The goal of this dissertation is to examine the implementation of morphing, as it is known in the world of computer graphics, in mechanical constructions models that are built with finite elements. Τhis idea came up from the analysts engineers' need, for a tool that will allow them to apply modifications directly into the finite elements mesh, in order to improve the geometry of their models, thus minimizing the need to use drawing data. Most known morphing methodologies were developed and applied, based on this framework, while a great deal of organization and functionality problems of this process, were conformed. Emphasis was given in morphing complicated structures, like those of car bodies. Solutions that reassure the re-usability of this process as well as the utilization of its parametric possibilities were introduced and the cooperation with an optimization system was achieved. Finally, a significant part of this dissertation was devoted in the development of an automated method to improve and correct the morphed mesh quality. This stage is essential for the creation of good and solvable models, while a necessary requirement is the recognition and the preservation of the most important model features. The use of morphing as a modification tool, inside a preprocessing system, can reduce the optimization time of a virtual prototype and significantly speed up the developing cycle of a structure


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