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Author: Nikolaidis Georgios
Title: Modelling procedures of engineering structures in terms of data management and optimisation for structural analyses using the finite element method
Abstract: The present work demonstrates a creation methodology of the virtual prototype, a common task in the field of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). Highest priority has been given in the design of the appropriate routines and tools that target to both, high quality modelling data management and introduction of automation in the structural analysis of models derived from complex engineering structures. More specifically, the tools that have been developed and are suggested to work in conjunction with a pre-processor will introduce a whole new classification of the required processes belonging to the virtual prototype development. The ultimate target has been the creation of the Common Geometrical Model that will act as the basis and starting point for the creation of all Common Models in every structural analysis task. Additionally, the need of common mesh management and minimisation of time spent on repeating common tasks is fully satisfied by the suggested Mesh Management Utility. All the aforementioned advances are accompanied by an organised and well-structured way of storing the modelling data in a central Product Data Management system (PDM). The latter is a modelling data comparison tool as well as a tool responsible for the automated substitution of all sub-structures in an existing model. As a result, the virtual prototype developing - creation time is reduced dramatically, leaving the developers - engineers with available time to focus on the behaviour of the examined structure under all desired structural analyses


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