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Author: Siskos Dimitrios
Title: Design and organization of a post-processing system for structures' solution data, solved with the finite element method
Abstract: Post-processing of analysis results is an integral part of a computer simulation of a structure (CAE) using the Finite Element Method (FEM). The goal of this dissertation is to design a automatic post-processing system, capable to fulfil current analysis model growing needs. In this dissertation the procedures that are used in the industrial field are studied. This way the problems are detected, and the characteristics of the modern finite element models, such as the size and the number of result files, are identified. Ways to enrich the available information to the engineer are examined closely, in order to improve the calculation possibilities and the visual representation of the results. Innovative ideas are proposed to accelerate the procedures using a solver's input file information, and automation is achieved with the creation of a script library for every analysis. Additionally this dissertation studies the modern graphics technologies and their application, in order to improve the visual quality of model results. Finally, techniques are proposed to compare the results of different model versions, and methodologies to correlate them with experimental data, something that leads to more accurate and faster evaluation of structural behaviour


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